IT is quite FUNNY how most people think that The only way to be intimate with one’s partner is by having sex.. seriously?. That’s a very is very wrong. IN this article i will show you ways to be intimate or show love to your partner without involving sex.

what does it mean to be intimate

The word intimate comes from the intimacy which means close familiarity or friendship closeness. defines intimacy as begin emotionally close to your partner, and begin able to let down your guard and him know how you really feel. Now let’s see the ways to be intimate without sex.

Ways you can be intimate without sex

10 Surprising Ways To Be Intimate Without Sex

holding hands:

this is one of the easiest ways to show love to your partner especially in public. it reassures your partner of your love.


kissing(on neck/forehead)

oh yes kissing on the forehead is great it shows you care and a kiss on the neck is very intimate you won’t get it until you try it.

looking into each other’s eyes:

looking into each other’s eyes this is basically the most intimate thing you can do with your partner you can do it in public or in the comfort of your home. this level of intimacy is best achieved when there is no speaking involved.


exercise together:

losing weight is a big struggle so for people who love each other to come together to exercise in order to lose weight it brings them together losing weight is very emotional and whether you are the one losing the weight or your partner when you support your partner by exercising with him or her it brings you guys closer to each other. you should try it and see


having a candlelight dinner:

this can be done at home or in a restaurant is very romantic you know couples together is very romantic you should try


cuddle up:

I don’t think I need to stress on this everyone knows this is intimate . jumping right into sex and sex all the time sometimes kill the intimacy so why don’t you just cuddle up with your partner. its Very nice .Everything is not about sex all the time.


Asking your spouse or your partner for advice:

this is very very good. asking you partner for an advice it brings you guys closer and as you share with him or her your problems and seeking for advice it makes them feel you like and trust them and this is very big step in any relationship so try today are you see how good is open up your partner is important and its intimate.


eating together:

eating together with your partner is good especially you guys been spoon feeding each other this is very intimate.You need to see couples on their wedding day and how they spoon feed each other especially when they’re looking into each others try it today today.

The above are some of the ways you can be intimate with your partner without having sex. Try one of the above with your spouse or your partner and have fun.

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