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December 2014

LOVE Relationship

10 Shocking Truths About Being Single

WHAT IS SINGLE-HOOD Single hood is the state or set of people who are single so therefore single means to be on my read on attached or not being in a romantic relationship.Everyone wants to be loved and taken care of and that’s why some people enter into a relationship I’m one of those people who believe in happily ever after my prince charming and beautiful kids in a bungalow and a little garden by by he side.But for sometime…

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10 Controversial Things You Should Know About Premarital-S*x

S*x is very natural, it is a gift from God. and just like any gift S*x should be opened at the right time that is in marriage but many young people have been mislead into opening this gift before the right time. what is premarital-S*x premarital S*x is when two unmarried persons indulge in sexual intercourse. Many young persons has been misguided into believing that premarital S*x is in vogue through the music books and movies they watch. But how…

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