3 Reasons deseperation is bad in a relationship
3 Reasons deseperation is bad in a relationship|nancydesire

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sometimes when you love someone it makes you so desperate especially when the person is not returning your love. Desperation is bad

I have been in this situation before and i know how it feels when you are ignored in a relationship. From experience being desperate can cause a lot of harm to you and your self-esteem.

below are 3 effects  of desperation for a relationship

3 effects of desperation for a relationship

  1.  it makes you cheap; i remember a time in my life when guys were noticing all my female friends and i was invisible. most of my female friends were in and out of relationship and I had nothing to write home about at that time. then to get their attention  I did some unthinkable things out of desperation and then I became too cheap in their eyes.  being desperate makes you to lower your standard and go out with any guy even if he bores you to death. and another thing about cheap materials is that they get thrown in a trash can and that is the reality of life and that could happen to you. the guy you are always chasing after usually treats you like trash. And another thing is that it makes you look like a fool. I remember a guy treating me like trash but I still ran back to him because i felt low about my self and I just got hurt.

    Your desperation gives people who are not even your level a chance to hurt your feelings and treat you badly.

  2. You will end up losing him; This is inevitable, when you hold on to something desperately or chase it you will lose it and it applies to relationship. from experience all the guys I chased after ended up throwing me in the trash can. I was suffocating them. so please dont be like me or you will end up losing him. be wise look less desperate
  3. You end up losing your self; yes it is true sometimes in desperation to get a man you end changing everything about and end up losing yourself. those things you are running up down to change in your life is what might attract the one in your life.

Sometimes its hard not to feel desperate especially when you fall for someone.
Believe me it is not worth it.
Never allow a man to treat you like trash, it’s a really awful experience.

The day I stopped chasing was the day i realized that i was beautiful and deserved more and this helped build my self-esteem and things changed for the better.



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