Having a roommate is all fun until all hell breaks loose. A time comes in your life where you have no choice but to have a roommate: it could be during your stay in the university, where you stay in a dorm and have to have a roommate(s) or later in life when you need a roommate to enable you pay for an apartment.(this can also happen in the university), most of the time the roommate is someone you don’t know from Adam, someone who comes from a different background, had a different upbringing, with different beliefs and life experiences. You have to learn some certain things about the person to maintain peace and order, you both can end up as friends for life and in most cases as nothing.

Why I will never have a roommate ever again.

I have had my fair share of roommates, I have had a total of four roommates and this current one is my last. Not everyone is lucky enough to become BFFS with their roommate. I have never had a good experience with the roommates I have so far. First of all I would let you know that I am an introvert who loves talking a lot(I can be so annoying). I will not bore you with how everything went down. PS—I might shoot a vlog on this and give more details on the 4 roommates I have has so far. Unfortunately I know I will have one or two more during my National youth service days which will of course be my last.

Having a roommate is like being in a relationship without the romantic aspect of it.

After my experiences so far I vowed I will never have another roommate, having a roommate is hard but having an evil one who wants to destroy your life and name is harder. If you have had a roommate you will understand what I am saying. You have someone evading your personal space , using your things without permission, leaving dirt everywhere, refusing to clean up the room, bringing in visitors at an ungodly hour, playing loud music and my worst, moving around naked and the list goes on and on.

There is nothing like coming back and seeing everything the exact same way you kept them, having not to pretend, trying not to please anyone just you. No shouting, no begging, no quarreling just peace in your own room.

Here are my reasons

  • One of the major reasons why I don’t want to ever have a roommate again is the lack of privacy, your life is an open book to them and most times this people discuss you outside maliciously.
  • Another been that you have to put up with the persons excess; the person can use your things without permission, spoil them and then act like nothing happened.  Most days I want to come back and just lie down and sleep without talking to anybody but when you have roommates you will be forced to talk, if you don’t talk, quarrel that will never end will begin.
  • The worst (which I hate )is having a roommate who loves being naked, it really irritates me, I DON’T NEED TO SEE YOU NAKED, SERIOUSLY, I DON’T.

I just want peace of mind, coming back and doing what I want to do and not pretending to be who I am not to please anyone or coming home to see everything I own missing, spoilt or out of their proper place. Or having to be the only one doing the house chores and initiating a conversation. Having a roommate has its pros and cons.

Let me stop here before I bore you to death, I feel this is a rant post. What do you think? Have you ever had a roommate? Will you still have a roommate again? Comment below,let me know your thoughts.

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