5 criteria to wear a dress to a date
5 criteria to wear a dress to a date

Going on a Date is very important and wonderful and could lead  to something meaningful like marriage or even a long-term relationship.

So you need to enjoy your Date, have fun and look fabulous doing it. Believe me sweetheart a dress can make or break your date. It’s really important you pick out an amazing dress.

I know what you are thinking, yes a good attitude can help you enjoy your date. But he sees your dress before anything else, remember that you are addressed by the way you dress.

It’s important you understand how important it is to wear a dress that is beautiful, hot, sexy, jaw dropping, fitting and comfortable all at the same time and let us not forget the shoes! I can’t emphasis more on how going on a date with a good dress can help you. When you are dressed in your best you will look beautiful, comfortable and as well enjoy yourself.
Below are the 5 things you need to consider when you are about to choose a dress for a date.

5 criteria for choosing a dress for a date

  • Where you are going; the first thing I usually consider when choosing a dress for a date is where he is taking me. You need to find out where he is taking you to, This will help you choose the best dress. But if he doesn’t tell you and says it is a surprise go with a simple gown and flat sandals or shoes to match.
  • Weather; yes this is also important because you can’t be wearing thick clothes in a hot weather or in spring or a sleeveless dress on a chilly night. So weather is also important it will help you to choose water proof shoes.
  • Money at hand; don’t go all out trying to impress, watch your pocket unless you can afford to spend a few for a date. Or you can simply find somethings cool from your wardrobe and accessorize.
  • Comfort; oh yes, you need to wear a dress that makes you very comfortable. I cannot over emphasis on how important it is to wear a dress you are comfortable in.No matter how expensive a dress is if you are not comfortable in it, it is useless.Being in a dress you are uncomfortable in makes you to not enjoy your date. And we don’t want that,do we?
  • The man: oh yes the man who is taking you out and that will decide where he will take you and what you will wear. If you are going out with a wealthy man, you know that you are dressing to impress although some men can be full of surprises.

Try and follow the above and you will have an exciting date. And I will love to hear all about it. Above are just my criteria I want to know yours comment below.


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