what are romance novels

romance novels or romantic novel is a type of genre fiction with the primary focus on the relationship and romantic love between two people, and must have an “emotionally satisfying and optimistic ending.”

i am one of those of people who enjoy reading, and i have actually read a lot of books romance novels inclusive. reading books help you to explore the world from your couch.

women have been know to enjoy romance novels more than the men. Romance novels give the illusion that relationship is happily ever after which we all know is false.

it’s actually enjoyable because all your dreams actually come true. Most of my readers know that am a hopeless romantic and i enjoy reading books that make-believe that my dreams will come true.

As enjoyable and fun this is it has its side effects am not trying to condemn  romance novels because i enjoy reading them and so does some of my readers. But the truth is that romance novels are slowly killing your relationship.


5 eye-opening reasons why romance novels is killing your relationship


  • it gives you a weird and  unrealistic definition of relationship;
    As someone who loves romantic novels i know first hand that it gives unrealistic definition of relationship, and this is really bad as it may affect your relationship now or in the future.
    Relationship are not what romantic novels paint them to be. so if you are single and want to be in a relationship someday, you may end up remaining single because you will be looking for a man like those in the novels or a relationship like that which most of the time doesn’t exist.
  • it builds up your expectation;

Another way romantic novels are killing your relationship is that builds up your hope. Talking from experience this is really bad especially when you expect your partner to act the same way a character in a novel you read acts.
for example when you are crying and instead of him holding you and telling you that seeing you in tears breaks his heart, he just leaves you to cry. damn! and then you get frustrated because that was not your expectation and you start rethinking your relationship. all romantic novel readers have been through this.

  • it crushes your dreams

Yes it really crushes your dream. believe it or not, like when you spend all your time creating your dream man from what you have read in a romance novel and you get your heart broken all the time because you can’t find him and your dreams are crushed. or expecting to have a relationship of your dream which you created from a romance novel you read.
so you see why it wont work

  • it causes depression and desperation

if you are a vivid reader of Nancydesire you will notice that I write all my topics from experience. As I wrote above am a romance novel reader so I understand. It can cause you to be desperate and desperation in a relationship is bad. READ3 EFFECTS OF DESPERATION FOR RELATIONSHIP
It can also cause depression especially when your relationship is not working the way you where expecting. And we all know that depression is not a good thing to experience. becoming desperate to have a relationship like those you read about can cause you to make costly mistakes.

  • it can cause breakups in relationship

It can end up destroying your relationship because you are expecting an illusion that only exists in books. you start underestimating your partner, you don’t appreciate the little things he does and you want him to be like a character you read in a romance novel

Reading is fun and i love to read dont let romance novels you read define your relationship. Be happy in your relationship and try to make it better But never compare or measure your relationship with what you read in a book.

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  1. This is really true. My woman began reading romance books and then things began to change between us…she’d read books that also uphold the feminist rights of women and it stirred up a proud attitude in her which I find very difficult to accept.

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