We all love shopping especially the ladies and it can be fun. But most guys hate it as women tend to take their time while shopping and most guys like it fast and simple. This article is strictly for women and what they should do before they start shopping.

5 Things to do before you start shopping | Nancydesire
5 Things to do before you start shopping

As I wrote earlier it can be fun but just like everything else in life you need to plan it so it can be successful and stress free. I am going to give you tips to help you have a stress free shopping experience.

It doesn’t matter what you are shopping for, it could be food stuffs,accessorizes, clothes etc you need to follow this tips.

5 Things to do before you start shopping

I love shopping but if you make a mistake or miss out on some things you might end up over spending and regretting your actions later.

  1. Get comfortable: yes you need to get comfortable before you start shopping, you need to wear something comfortable, don’t tell me you are planning to wear a high heel to the market , you will fall o and break your legs. Don’t wear skin-tight dress or jeans you need to breathe, and run if the case maybe. Wear comfortable and beautiful dresses as well as shoes so you can be comfortable while you shop.
  2. Make a list: yes this is one of the most important things you should do before you think of leaving your home to go shopping. This list helps you to know what to buy and what not to buy so you wont over spend while you shop.
  3. Needs and wants: you need to know what you need and differentiate it from your want. for instance  you need food but you might not need a car now. This will help you to spend less and save more. Before you start making your list you need to know what you need. So you don’t go to the market and end up confused and spending too much.
  4. Make a budget: yes although this is different from making a list, but it has the same purpose;to keep you organized while you shop. The budget could be weekly or monthly list of what you want to buy or what you need, but the list is something you make right before you leave the house for the market. It helps you to know your spending limit for the month so that making a list will be easier for you. If your budget limit for the month is 50,000 then your list for shopping should not exceed it.
  5. Discipline: last but not the least I had to add it here. Discipline is very important as it helps you to stick to the list you made while shopping. If you don’t discipline yourself, you could write a perfect shopping list and yet spend more in the market. Discipline helps you to overlook that pretty dress and stick to your list.

Another thing I forgot to add wear a simple makeup. ladies please! you are going to sweat,  Don’t do it. please simplicity is the best don’t try to impress and end up  looking terrible.

I hope the tips above have helped you to know things to do before and while shopping. It is always important to plan yourself to avoid silly mistakes in life. I hope you enjoyed this write-up. Please leave a comment below. What else do you need to do before and while you shop.
Thank you for reading. Happy Shopping!

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