5 Top Fun Things To Do This Christmas

make your Christmas memorable with this tips

Christmas or Xmas as you Might call it is a very special season where love and gifts are in the air as we celebrate the birth of baby Jesus.many people have turned Christmas into a torture and routine of eating watching movies and sleeping.Now is time to make this

Christmas more lively and give you five top fun things to do this Christmas




  1. -SINGING: This is one thing everyone loves wow your friends,family and spouse with your voice.singing is something basic about Christmas. Don’t stick to the old songs write a song and play it on Christmas morning for your family and they will really appreciate it.or surprise them when they least expect with a Christmas mix tape
  2. . –DANCING:Learn some new dance steps and impress your family and loved ones.learn a new dance steps with the kids and surprise your spouse.dancing is fun and especially in the cold Christmas believe me its fun
  3. -COOKING:Home cooked meals does lots of magic in the home.After all they say that a family that eats together stick together.Now break out from rice and sauce with turkey on Christmas and cook something special and delicious which no one can cook with your children or loved ones cooking time is bonding time and it can also be fun,so make it fun.
  4. BAKING:this is really fun.learn a new recipe and surprise you can even experiment on all kinds of cakes.surprise your spouse on early Christmas morning with a cake,song and a smile.
  5. DRESSING UP:Please don’t wear sweats pants 24/7,wear something new indoors.this will boost your self confidence. Instead of lazing about, try out new clothes and take pictures of it and upload it to the internet. You can eat out with your family.or play Santa Claus.this is really fun.

I hope this helps you to enjoy your Christmas.

All the above points are fun but Christmas is incomplete without or make something special and give to your best friends, family members or that next door neighbor who has less.

Christmas is a time of make some one happy.


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