If you are a regular visitor on my blog you would notice that I have been absent and I have not been posting new articles. I sincerely apologize for my bad behavior. Life has kept me so busy and I am trying to get everything in order.

my  blog is my baby and I will never take it for granted

I am actually in my final year in school and the work load is much and it is killing me slowly, with the research paper,my new relationship, school stress and occasional rehearsals, I  am trying to juggle everything at once. I know it is not a good excuse but I had to give one. I am so sorry.

My Vlog is also on hold as I am having monetary problems and my phone camera which I use in shooting the videos  got damaged . I am very sad that I wont be able to shoot videos for a while and you all know how much I love talking.

I missed you guys so much you have no idea. you are all so important to me

I want to say a big thank you to all those who reached out to me during this period . From now on wards I will keep this blog updated.

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