Being Candid

Being Candid; Why I Stand With Themla Nkwocha


The beautiful young lady thelma Nkwocha above has turned into an internet sensation and like every famous person has haters all around her.
EvenLinda ikeji blog about her.
I first of all saw her post been shared on Facebook by a friend when I saw it I laughed I thought it was funny very soon more people started sharing it and I read their comments and it was really heartbreaking.
At first I thought she was looking for cheap publicity and I commented that on the post. But later on I realised that she is just a victim of some sort.
I put myself in her shoes I have posted things on facebook where i was called names ranging from whore to a poverty-stricken person.

This is what she posted below


Why I stand with Thelma Nkwocha

She posted it on her timeline so it is her business and one thing I know is that she was joking and it was meant as a laugh out loud something but every one took it serious.

It is her life if she can get a guy who can do that for her, no problem.

What is really annoying is people calling her broke and stuff like that
Yes she wrote something you felt is wrong will calling her names help change it or make things better?

There are people who do worse things.
Please caught the girl some slacks.

I love her honesty, many women want a guy to do that for them but there are scared of what people will say.

I stand with Thelma, what she said is not a crime and she has freedom of speech if you dont like it please ignore it.

Recently some people were calling Wizkid
Childish for been Angry and the same people are busy calling Thelma names.
Pleae who is childish now?

I love her courage and I think every woman should say their mind.


i know am going to get haters after this but i am just been candid.


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