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Being Candid;perfect strangers you meet on the bus

Yes I have being taken the bus ever since I can remember. It’s fun, Adventurous and seriously educating..
And let’s not forget the perfect strangers you meet on the bus, the really chatty and fun ones who you just start a conversation with and never get to know their names.
I have had alot of experience on the bus, i have being using the bus ever since i can remember.

Using the bus can be entertaing as well as educating. You will meet dfferent characters on the bus, sone annoying, some entertaining,some mysterious and some really funny.

Have you ever entered a bus and something hilarious happens and everyone laughs and soon you start discussing with the person or people sitting near you in the bus. The conversation is always entertaining and sometimes eye opening.

How to know a perfect stranger in a bus

  • You immediately hit it off, and sometimes you both think alike.
  • Sometimes they take your sides
  • They never ask you for your contact

I have actually met alot of perfect strangers of the both sexes. Truth be told I actually enjoyed myself and that made the traffic on the road bearable.

Note that you don’t always see this perfect strangers on the bus all the time sometimes it doesn’t happen.

And you are also a perfect stranger to somebody.

Everyone deserves to meet a perfect stranger, so take a bus today or a taxis

I hope you have fun

Have a lovely week ahead

Let me know what you think

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