10 little know ways to Control Anger

is anger inherited?

Anger is an emotional response related to ‘s psychological
of having been offended, wronged,or denial. It is also an emotion characterized by antagonism toward someone or something you
feel has deliberately done you wrong. Been angry is not wrong but action
you take when you are angry is what is wrong and sin
. And that’s why
you need to put your anger in control before it controls you. Everyone
gets angry, so no need to feel guilty when you lose your temper.It’s okay to be angry or feel hurt when someone offends you it’s
your right to feel that way. But the problem is what you do when you
feel this way. Some people break things, hurt themselves and others when

Anger is really dangerous because of the physical,spiritual, and
psychological harm it inflicts on you and others.
root cause of all the bad things happening in today’s world is as a
result of anger. War doesn’t just start it is built slowly by anger And
war is something no one wants to experience. Some men feels they need
to shout and lose their temper all the time to show their
masculinity.Some would insist that a man who doesn’t have anger problem
isn’t a man. Anger seems to be man’s way of expressing his frustration,
it is a mistake to think it a beneficial emotion. Man’s tendency towards
anger has probably started more wars,created more conflict and ruin more
homes than any other universal trait. Have you seen two men fighting in
the middle of a busy road because of anger leading to road rage, the
amazing thing is that they forget how easy it is to be knocked down and
killed by a car; so you see anger blocks your sense of reasoning which
is very dangerous. Or someone driving at a high speed out of anger
sooner than later ends up in eternity. Nowadays child abuse is on the
increase over 10,000 children die yearly due to such mistreatment, what
can cause any adult to so abuse a helpless child? ANGER! It happens to
everyone the only difference is the ability to control this. I have seen
anger destroy ministers of God as well as other great men and women.Looking closer you will realize why pastors children are wayward, this
is caused by abusive upbringing filled with anger and hostility. Many
women cheat on their husbands because of his anger and the only
communication between them is outburst of anger.

A relationship without
communication is dead. And this is why divorce is on the increase. When
you lose your temper easily you equally lose friends and loved ones
cause they are too afraid to speak to you. Anger,hostility or wrath is
as old as man, if you recall the first family, where Cain killed his
brother Abel out of Anger. Anger is nearly universal emotional problem
with devastating consequences particularly in the home,the number of
children subjected to emotional tension in the home due to anger of
adults staggers the mind.

Millions of people have died because of anger.
Anger slowly grows into hatred and leads to murder, only protracted
anger which turns into the white heat of anger would make a person take
another person’s life. I heard a story of a young man who was
constantly abused by his adopted parents. He couldn’t take it anymore so he killed them from his history he wasn’t violent but he was provoked.
When we get angry we forget that we are hurting others. You might smile
and say “i don’t physically abuse my children or spouse when i get
angry” how about your words? Verbal abuse which is caused by anger can
kill someone emotionally.

According to TIM LAHAYE “why you act the way
you do” we are emotional creatures, designed so by God; but if ye
permit anger to dominate us it will squelch the riches emotion of love.
Don’t put your frustration from work on your family; life is too short
and our moments at home too brief to pay such a price for anger. Drop
all your frustrations of the day outside your door before you enter your home. Sitting down and talking out your anger is better than fist
fighting. Some anger is not sin like when you see a child been
mistreated you feel a surge of emotion and go to the aid of the child.
Remember that Jesus was spat on and nailed to the cross. If showed
absolutely no anger instead we hear the familiar words”father forgive
them for they know not what they do” and he was fully human and felt all
the pain. Anger is not inherited. It’s better to speak up when you are
hurt. Don’t bottle it up inside, cause when it explodes it can be
disastrous. Anger leads to
bitterness,malice,revenge,criticism,resentment. All this
are cable of destroying.


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