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Welcome To Nancydesire’s Counselling Page

This page is strictly for those who are in need of Relationship counselling.

Here at Nancydesire I offer free relationship counselling. There is nothing I love more than helping your relationships get to that level.

I have helped a lot of people achieve this in the past and I’m willingly to help you. But you have to obey the rules below.


  • You must use a valid email address when filling the form below
  • You must clearly state your question. No long story is allowed. Unless where necessary.
  • Sending us spam messages won’t get you anywhere we are here for serious business.
  • You must specify if you want to speak to me on phone or any other social network
  • You can(it’s optional) specify your age when filling in the form so we can know how to help you.

Please note that your email address as well as your messages are protected. But from time to time I use some of the questions as a case study but if you don’t want this please specify Below.