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Dairy of A Broken-hearted girl:When the heart breaks

Dear diary
where do i begin from its being a stressful week. No matter how hard i try it feels as if my heart breaks over and over again.

Where exactly do you find true love?

I know there is someonelse in his live but him telling me broke my heart.
And most especially how he caught me off from his life.
When is your bestfriend when you need one oh yes i remember i lost him because i fell in love with him damn.
Heartbreaks are so horrible it feels as if your heart has being spilt into two and bleeding.
Love hurts but i still wanna give it a chance i wanna find the one or let him find me.
Am trying to find my way in the dark but how do i do that when my heart keeps breaking over and over and over again.


           broken hearted girl

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