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Dairy Of A Broken Hearted Girl:Looking For A New Begnining

Dairy of a broken hearted girl; looking for a new beginning

Dear diary

Its been a while and am still struggling to move on to find a new beginning . every day is a struggle and am fighting to become who I want to become.
I have finally accepted that he is not meant for me and that it will never be. No woman should ever allow a man to mistreat you .

I realized that I wasn’t all fault and that I deserve better from a man than to be treated like a piece of trash. I believe my crying days are over.

Its time to have fun

And to remember what it felt like to love myself and pursue my dreams
Finish that novel and bring smiles in the faces of children.

Dear diary I have realized that self love is the best thing for me and for anyone going through series of heartbreak and relationship failures.

I know that I love love and I want to have a long lasting relationship where there is mutual love and respect.
So for once in my life in a very long time I have decieded to stop looking for love and relationship and find my career and if I met the one on the road to success that will be a bonus
And above all diary I want to find me and love me before I think of loving someonelse.

I really hope and pray that I find what am looking for: A NEW BEGINNING

Broken-hearted girl

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