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Dairy Of A Brokenhearted Girl;Day 1

Dairy of a broken-hearted girl


Am tired, so tired of loving and not been loved in return. I am a hopeless romantic who believes so much in prince charming and happily ever after.

A broken-hearted girl and this is my Dairy

No matter how many time I have been hurt I still want to believe that he is somewhere out there for me and that he is just taking his time but I wish sometimes that he could hurry up.

My love life is so complicated and chaotic it feels like running 20 miles on 7 inch high heels.

Love is complicated, painful and can cause unbelievable sorrow that leaves you drained, empty and depressed.
After each heartbreak and meeting Mr. wrong I still don’t understand where I get this strength to still believe that he will find me eventually someday, somehow, somewhere.
That feeling of worthlessness that comes up when that person who you thought is the one walks away from your life-like nothing even happened all those night when you lie in your bed and cry endlessly for hours and it feels like this tears will never end. And you still walk out o that door with fake plastic smile because you don’t want people to think you are not over it.
It feels better pretending that you are okay than to see pity in people’s eyes.

I am a broken-hearted girl seeking true love and healing.
No one tells you how hard ,painful love is going to be they all tell you how wonderful it feels, no one ever tells you that you might lose yourself all in the name of loving someone or that you have sacrifice so much only for your heart to be ripped out of your chest

Am angry, frustrated, sad and occasionally depressed.

I have know, pain, tears, humiliation in my quest for love but am a survivor and am never going to give up.

Brokenhearted girl

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