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Dating in an African Home; Midnight Calls

Do you still remember when Midnight Calls was actually in vogue and everyone was doing it.

Believe it or not your girl Nancy did it as well, it was fun  especially when that guy you have been crushing on collects your number and calls you in the night and you do a vigil, that is after storing his number with a girls name ???? And you then put your phone on silent, So your parents won’t hear your phone ringing..

I remember one of the nights when I was doing Midnight call, I was thinking I was so sleek like James Bond.

Before I could say Jack Robinson my Dad came into my room, come and see heart attack. He told me to give him the phone loudly, and the line was still active the guy heard everything?????? come and see embarrassment.

He seized the phone till morning. Upon I stored the number with a girls name.

And if you are lucky they will be no early morning advice, I wanted to die that night.

Since that day I turned into a CIA agent before I make another Midnight call 

It’s funny now but then it wasn’t funny.

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