Heartbreak is a common metaphor for the intense emotional pain,grief or disappointment one feels after the end of a relationship both romantic and otherwise. Before you start crying and remembering how many men and women broke your heart look on the brighter side, what if God allowed them to leave your life so that you can find the right person that is truly meant for you.

Healing a broken heart might take time but it is not impossible.

I am going to give you some tips on how to handle that heartbreak and speed up your recovery.

The Complete Guide To Dealing With Heartbreak

Steps to overcoming heartbreak

  • ACCEPT THAT IT HAS HAPPENED: The best thing you can do for yourself is to understand and accept that you have lost that person and he or she is no longer a part of your life. And it’s okay for you to cry,feel sad,hurt and reflect on what has happened, please as much as possible try not to cry in public.Just know that heartbreak can’t go away immediately it takes time.
  • STOP THE NEGATIVITY: Don’t be quick to believe that you are worthless and no one can love you after a heartbreak. Think positively and don’t even think of killing yourself, he/she is not worth it.
  • AVOID BEING ALONE: I know that at this point in your life,you would love to be alone and cry every time but that won’t help matters. Talk to someone you can trust like your best friend,pastor,shrink or even your mom.
  • RELEASE YOUR PENT UP EMOTIONS:Being alone will only make you keep remembering your heartbreak and the pains. Instead of sitting indoors and crying find out what you can do to release the pain like writing, yoga,even watching comedy. Go out as often as possible;you can’t tell me, you want to get over a heartbreak and you lock your self indoors watching romantic movies and listening to love songs.
    This things won’t help you to recover,take a walk early in the morning to clear your head, take your self on a date, buy things you love.
  • YOU ARE NOT ALONE: Just know that many people have gone through this and survived.Turn to God, He alone has the power to heal your broken heart God loves you and so does your family. And you are not alone.
  • THINK ABOUT YOURSELF: please don’t forget to eat and take care of yourself so as to avoid getting sick. Avoid junk food, everyone knows that heartbreak can lead to depression you don’t wanna gain weight do you?. Bath regularly and dress your best. Your ex won’t come back to you because he/she sees how unhappy you are.But when he/she sees you dressing nicely and smiling he/she feels bad for ever hurting. If you are always complaining and talking about your ex and dressing awful you will definitely miss MR/MRS RIGHT.Don’t get frustrated with yourself. Just believe your ex is not worth it, in the future you will be grateful your ex left you.

There are days when you just wanna give up on life, please don’t. You are still very important to your family,friends and most especially God.

  • MOVE ON: I know that the hardest part is the courage to move on after a heart break. Don’t play the ex-games. Delete your ex’s phone number don’t save it with “don’t call her/him” or don’t ever pick” As far as his/her number is still on your phone you will be tempted to call. Burn pictures and things that reminds you of your ex. Stop all contact with your ex. Yeah I know this will be challenging if the both of you work in the same place or attend the same school, church or social events or live on the same street. Keep your distance don’t be tempted to say ” hey” but if it’s required due to work or school. Speak to your ex when it’s important. If not ignore him/her completely. Stop your friends from reporting your ex’s every move this will hinder your quick recovery. Avoid sad sappy love songs and as well as romantic movies or books. Listen to dance able music not slow love songs. You can also move on by going out of your way to help others, this can bring peace, joy, and fulfillment. Simple exercise like jogging, walking,going up and down the stair case and especially yoga can help to release stress and all the pent-up emotions. Also visit if possible.
  • LET GO: Now wish your ex well you don’t have to do it face to face just say it in your head every time especially when you see him/her with another person. Let go of the anger and learn to forgive your ex for hurting you, this will make you feel much better.Open yourself to meeting someone else don’t conclude about love and relationship. Don’t rebound, don’t start a relationship to replace your ex, it doesn’t work, you will only end up hurting the other person. Instead take your time.

©Nancy Desire Nwankwo and Nancydesire.com 2015


  1. This is very good, I’m very impressed wth this Nancy. I must say this is much better than I had imagined. Keep it up dear, you have my support and you can always ask for assistance anytime. Daalu!

  2. Nice article. I enjoy reading this. You are doing great.. I must say I ve been a victim. Am happy I walked out of it. Though its been hard for me to start up another serious relationship… But am preoccupied so that keeps me going.

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