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Diary of A Broken-hearted girl: Dating again?

    Dear diary,
    yes am thinking of dating again.
    My friends want me to move on and find a better person, but am having cold feet, i dont know if i should go ahead or not – serious dilemma.

    So am kinda looking forward to a new relationship or maybe not.
    Well maybe i should go on more dates, go out and see what i can get.
    And i seriously hope my friends are not planning on setting me up on a blind date. I seriously have crazy romantic friends.

    Dear diary am not afraid of love or relationship but the only thing am afraid of is the thought of getting hurt.
    Let me keep my faith high there is hope or is there?
    Am really looking forward to new relationship and i think i have learnt from the previous ones.

    Wish me luck
    i will tell you all about it


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