Hate is a strong word but this is how i feel about long distance relationships. please allow me to rant.
long distance relationship is making people miserable and causing heartache. i think it should be banned.
for those who don’t know about long distance relationship and why i hate it read carefully the words below to get the gist.

What Is Long Distance Relationship?

According To wikipedia Long Distance Relationship Or Long Distance Romantic Relationship is an intimate relationship between partners who are geographically isolated from one another.

couples who are in this type of relationship face geographic seperation and lack of face to face contact.

long distance relationship is not sweet although they say that distance helps one to appreciate their relationships and loved ones.

But the issue is how far is the distance for example if you and your partner are in the same city but schooling at schools far from each other but still in the same city you are near each other.

But when you are in Nigeria and your partner is in New york City, That is what i call long distance relationship.

Believe me no matter how strong you think you are, one day you are going to break down from having a long distance Relationship.

The previous week i counseled a young man who is in love with this young girl but distance is a barrier he only gets to see her once or twice a year. the girl in question is doubting his love for her because of the distance. he told me that he couldn’t let her leave once he saw her again. he was broken and miserable. i don’t understand why some people will put them self through this all in the name of been in love. i was able to counsel him and he finally told me that he wants the relationship and willing to fight for her.

I have heard stories of long distance relationship and i have seen people go through this pain and it’s not something i would never wish anybody that’s why i never recommend long distance relationship to anyone.

If you are about to enter a relationship don’t ever think of long distance relationship.

Relationship Is Hard Already Don’t Complicate It With Long Distance Relationship Which Is Harder.

I Don’t know why people want to keep themselves miserable all in the name of long distance relationship.

long distance relationship might lead a person to cheat; there are times when you need your partner and he/she is not there and you end up in the arms of someone else. Don’t Let Love Blind You, Because Sometimes Love Is Just Not Enough. I Will Recommend For You To Be In Close Proximity With Your Partner.

But What If I Am Already In A Long Distance Relationship?

hmmm, you need to decide whether you want to the relationship or move on.

if you are married and you are apart from your spouse it’s up to you because you signed up for it remember for “better for worse” but you can still sit your partner down and talk about it.

remember that communication is the key to a good relationship.

My Candid Opinion On This Is Say No To Long Distance Romantic Relationship Unless You Can Endure The Heat.

The Above Is Just My Opinion I Would Love To Hear Yours Comment Below


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