What is virginity?

This is a question many young people today ask. But before I go deeply into this topic lets find out what virginity is all about. Virginity is the state of never having had sexual intercourse. It is really that simple if you have never had sexual intercourse you are a virgin.

Being a virgin is a good thing but I have noticed in today’s world that  most people don’t appreciate or care for it like people in the previous generations did. Now people do everything humanly possible to lose their virginity.

virginity is not associated with one gender alone

Growing up many of us were taught the importance of virginity and how it will help our life by preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease but as we grew up we realize that keeping it is not as easy as we were made to believe and we beginning to question our belief and things we were made to believe.
Should I keep my virginity till I get married?

Should I keep my virginity till I get married?

So back to the question should I keep my virginity till I get married. Being a virgin is a choice and it is really up to you to make your choice. Don’t be in a hurry to lose your virginity because others are losing theirs take your time and think it through. Being a virgin its all about choice and your belief. Most people have decided to keep their virginity to prevent unwanted  pregnancy and STDS. And others to not ruin their relationship with God.

BEING A VIRGIN IS NOT A CURSE NEITHER IS losing it something to Celebrate

Keeping your virginity all depends on your relationship with God and your relationship with yourself. At the end of the day its still your choice. Make the right decision

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