Relationship is not a bed of roses and just like everything else in this world needs effort to make it work. One of the biggest mistakes people make is assuming me that love alone sustains a relationship. I have seen couples crazy about each other yet they break up or divorce. Love doesn’t really have a general definition as everyone is entitled to their own definition. Yes it is important in a relationship, but it is important to know that many relationship didn’t start with it and some of those relationship went on to last for decades.

Love is like a plant that must be nourished and taken care of to grow, if it was the only thing that kept a relationship strong then, there will be no divorce or breakup. Have you heard or said this familiar word” I fell out of love with him or her” then you are clearly getting the picture.

Love is never enough to sustain relationship, someone can claim to love you and still hurt, break your heart and leave you.

The main thing that keeps a relationship strong is commitment you need to be committed to your relationship in order for it to thrive. Commitment is what makes you stay in a relationship when it gets harder; commitment is what makes you not to give up on your partner when the going gets tough. It is what maintains a relationship. Hold on, I am not saying that love doesn’t sustain a relationship, it is one of the key things in a relationship but you can love someone and not be committed. Commitment means everything in a relationship. I remember someone breaking up with me because he could not commit. Two people can be so much in love and yet cannot be committed to each other.

why love alone cannot sustain a relationship

Commitment is what makes you get up every morning and prepare for work, school no matter the situation. You can love your dreams; you might want to achieve everything but if you are ready to commit to what you love and want it won’t work.

I hope you are getting a clearer picture of commitment, commitment means you will stick by their side during the rough weather, you support their dreams, you overlook their excess and you decide to make it work when everyone assumes it will never work. So, if the only glue holding your relationship is love you are bound to fail because very soon, it will fade, once that person stops doing all the things that made you fall for them or when you see some aspects of the persons life you were never expecting to see.

I cannot over emphasize the importance of commitment in a relationship, as the years go by; as the beauty fades; as they make their own mistakes and unexpected things happen, being committed will keep it strong.

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