It is no secret that Olay is one of my favorite product and I use it regularly. Today I will be reviewing Olay body total effects sparkling white shower cream. Olay body total effects sparkling shower cream promises to lighten, cleanse and nourish your skin with its blend of rosa centifolia and vitamins.



One of the most important things you should check on any product before buying is the ingredients. People tend to ignore this and see it as less important. Know that its important to know the ingredients to help you know if what YOU ARE ALLERGIC TO IS IN THE PRODUCT or other harmful ingredients.

Below are the ingredients found in Olay body total effects sparkling white shower cream.

  • Denionse water,
  • sodium laureth
  • sulfate coconut
  • danolamine cocamide mea
  • Beltane glycerin
  • ethylence glycol dissertate ,
  • fragrance rose centifolia
  • citric acid
  • EDTA allantoin
  • malted soybean oil
  • CG vitamins,
  • leaf oil peg-6 caprylc/carle,
  • vitamin E,
  • vitamin B3,
  • vitamin A.

Olay Review;Olay Body Total Effects Sparkling White Shower Cream


Although this Olay product is made specially for use during shower, it can also be used for shaving(that is if you have no shaving cream)for shower or bath squeeze a small amount into a sponge or a wet towel use it on your wet skin and rinse.
When using turn the bottle upside down for easy dispensing. you can also press it to bring out the gel during bath time. store in a cool place.

Why I recommend Olay body total effects sparkling white shower Cream

  1. The product smells really nice and that’s a good bonus the fragrance makes you feel nice . Before I go any further I have already used this product and I must say it nice and it doesn’t stick to the body like most body wash do. It washes off as the water hits the body so no sticky situation.
  2. It really delivers on its promise on lightening and nurturing the skin few weeks on using the product my skin looked really nice I started getting compliments and people wanted to know what I was using. The good thing about this Olay product is that it doesn’t bleach your skin it just maintains and enhances your skin color.

I always recommend this Olay product to women of color being a woman of color myself. Anyone from the age of puberty can use this product.


The truth is that it is really affordable I bought mine for a 1000 Naira which should be equivalent to $4. And it lasts long I used mine up to month plus before I bought another one


Olay body total effects sparkling white shower cream can be found in the nearest shopping mall, supermarket or beauty shop near you. Or you can order it online. TO GET THIS PRODUCT CLICK HERE


  • Before you buy this product check for the expiry date, or ask the store owner how long its been there. (yeah I know they but you can check other stores.)
  • Make sure you buy the one that is sealed, check for cracks on the product before you buy it. And beware of fake products in the market.

 If you have any question concerning this product comment below and I will gladly answer your questions

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