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14 little known ways to get him to break up with you

Hi sugar pie do you want to break up with him but you don’t want to hurt his feelings? been there? why dont you get him to break up with you instead? a very nice idea right? Relationships are tough so are breakups, its painful but as i always say you have to be the most important person in a relationship sometimes. so if you unhappy and miserable in a your relationship it is time to call it quits. And…

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A Merry Christmas To You From Nancy

Hi nancydesire reader i want to thank you for an amazing year you have all been supportive and this encourages me in the hardest time. am grateful. I wish you the best of everything. you are simply amazing. have a wonderful, peaceful, and amazing Christmas and don’t forget to keep your relationship red hot in these season of love. MERRY CHRISTMAS lots of love Nancy…

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5 Eye Opening Reasons Why Romance Novels Are killing Your Relationship

what are romance novels romance novels or romantic novel is a type of genre fiction with the primary focus on the relationship and romantic love between twoΒ people, and must have an “emotionally satisfying and optimistic ending.” i am one of those of people who enjoy reading, and i have actually read a lot of books romance novels inclusive. reading books help you to explore the world from your couch. women have been know to enjoy romance novels more than the…

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Dating in an African Home; Midnight Calls

Do you still remember when Midnight Calls was actually in vogue and everyone was doing it. Believe it or not your girl Nancy did it as well, it was fun  especially when that guy you have been crushing on collects your number and calls you in the night and you do a vigil, that is after storing his number with a girls name ???? And you then put your phone on silent, So your parents won’t hear your phone ringing..…

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Dating Relationship

Dating in an African home series

Hi nancydesire Reader Dating in an African Home? If you were born and raised in an Africa by African parents you will know the battle being fought to actually date. That moment when they see you with girl/boy and they start giving you that look. Or when you save a guys phone number with a girl’s name hehehehe. So I decided to create this segment on my blog to share my experiences as well as yours. I grew up in…

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The Wahala Of A Lonely Nigerian Girl

Hi Nancy Desire Reader If you have ever being lonely? You will understand. We all know that I am a relationship writer and therapist but right now am single and lonely(with reasons of course) I had to write this so that all the lonely and single girls especially those in Nigeria will know that there are not alone. Being lonely is a terrible thing especially when you have that friend or roommate whose phone is a hotline and then you…

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Sponsored post:6 Body Care Must Haves In Your Closet

Hi Nancy Desire Reader This is a sponsored post I know it has nothing to do with relationship. But I know my female readers will enjoy it. Since it’s about beauty and I have done two reviews on some body care products. I hope you enjoy this post Let me know what you think in the comment box below 6 Body Care MUST HAVES in Your Closet Are you pampered for choices? Do you have too many body care products…

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