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The place to get the best gossip: The Salon

Have ever being to a salon? if yes you know that it is the best place to get serious gist if you know what i mean.? if NO you are really missing alot.
Every woman at one point in their life have been to a salon either with friends or alone. And as a REGULAR client in the salon i get to hear lot gossip, gist and very annoying banter. some are funny, educative and silly.

 in the salon you get to meet a lot of characers some are very annoying, rude or friendly.

There is nothing like going to the salon and getting pampered , you know doing your nails,hair, an geting alot of gist,but dont break the RULE- Never discuss about your family, keep it neutral and get more topics.

The salon is a nice place to relax and come out looking great, but also a place you can get burnt. You can actually travel come back and keep up with happenings in your neighborhood by going to the salon.

You remember the first time you went to a salon, and mom took you. You were inexperienced about the happenings in the salon.

This is how I do it, I enter the salon and observe, it’s either going to be a classy salon or a ghetto salon. I get in tell the hairdresser what I want done, the money I can afford for it, and then sit down.

If no one is actually talking I simply say something out of the blues that gets people talking for hours and more family matters revealed then I keep quiet and enjoy the gossip.

Please forget gossip blogs, the salon gives you in-depth gist about everyone.

The thing sweet o ?????

Then that moment when they start talking about you but don’t know you are the one and you pretend and say “are you serious? Tell me more, hehehe Or when you get gist about what your boo or best friend was doing while you travelled.

 We know that the juicy gossip isn’t always the truth.

But relax and enjoy yourself

Remember is a top secret the guys shouldn’t find out.

Damn they already did????

Whats wrong with me, Everytime  I will be  writing what’s on my mind


So I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it

Leave your comments below, let me know what you think. 


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