The Right Age To Start Dating

Teenage dating

Teenage dating

Someone sent in this question
through our counseling page

Dating is the in thing now and a very
important step that might lead to
the altar.
some people don’t know the right age to start dating.

before I get into
that lets find out what dating is all

what is dating?

According to wikipedia Dating is part of the
human mating process whereby
two people meet socially for companionship beyond the level of
friendship. Dating is very important
and should not be neglected.

going on dates, can develop into a
serious relationship,

involves commitment, sacrifice to make it work and maturity

So I can’t see why a thirteen years old would start
that is definitely too young.

Before you think of getting into a
relationship or start dating you need to be ready physically
emotionally and psychologically,

you don’t just jump straight into
dating for dating sake.

Just like every other relationship a
love relationship requires


it also involves sharing your life with someone else and trying to make someone happy apart from your self.
It also involves physical touch, like hugging kissing and other things that lead to S*x.

sometimes age might not matter in a relationship especially when the partners are nature in mind.

The age I recommend for a person to start dating is eighteen years

in most countries you are of legal age, at eighteen if anything were to happen in the course of the relationship you can take care of yourself to an extent. And You Don’t Have To Sneak Out Of Your Parents House To Meet Up With Your Partner. You Are Mature Enough According To The Law To Make Your Own Decisions And Take Responsibilty For Them.

So Start Dating From Eighteen Years UpWards.

The Above Is My Opinion I Would Love To Know Yours , So When Should One Start Dating, Comment Below

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