Shocking Reasons Why You Should Never Date A Bis*xual

should i date a Bis*xual?

Believe it or not many women are stuck in this dilemma. some are lucky to know that the man that they are crazy about is Bis*xual before the relationship begins. while others accidentally find out that the man they have dated for such a long time is Bis*xual. Believe me this is not a welcoming news at first.
But Before I answer the above question let’s find out who are Bis*xual is.

Who Is A Bis*xual

A Bis*xual is a person who is attracted to someone of the opposite S*x and someone of the same-S*x. in this context am talking about Bis*xual male. so it is simply a man who has sexual relationships with both male and women.

should I date a Bis*xual man?
the answer is NO in my opinion a beautiful young woman like you shouldn’t give yourself the headache and heartache of such relationship. its horrible knowing that Your competition is someone of the other S*x. Now you have to worry every time a male walls pass you too as well as a woman.

It’s Know World Wide that Bis*xual men easily contact STD
you know where he puts it before he puts it in you. you don’t have to live in fear of that every time he sleeps with you that you are going to contact a sexually transmitted disease like HIV its naturally believed that men cheat and now you are dating a Bis*xual which is equals to double cheating. you might see it as exciting now , that you are having threesome and it is fulfilling your fantasy. But you are going to be in tears later.

I see Bis*xual as sexually confused people it’s good to make up your mind you can’t eat your cake and have it.

I will always give my candid opinion and advice on any advice that has to deal with love,S*x,dating and relationship. So dear my answer to this question NO But if you feel that you love him enough to be with him with all the risks and danger then that’s good for you. i hope? It’s totally up to you to date a Bis*xual. and if you are in a relationship with an him before finding out he is Bis*xual, first of all go and check yourself for std then you can now decide whether to continue with him or not. But if you were to ask me please leave. sometimes it is not worth it.

Don’t Forget To Tell God About Your Relationship Believe It Or Not He Cares Is A Good Listener.


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