We have become, so busy that we forget about the good old days when spending quality time with our partner mattered. it’s is quite annoying that people fight so hard to be with each other and then lose interest when it comes to to keeping each other in their life.

Do you think you are spending time with your partner when you watch television programme together? If your answer is yes then you are on a long thing, Because that is not spending quality time with your partner, As far as I am concerned,your Attention is divided between the television and your partner, so are you getting the gist now? and you probably asking how you can spend time with your partner if being cozy on the couch and watching television isn’t quality time then what is? Now that is where I come in to help.The Easiest Ways To Spend Quality Time With Your Partner

According to Gary Chapman the author of five love languages”A central aspect of quality time is togetherness, I don’t mean proximity… Togetherness, has to do with focused attention” you and your partner been in the same room talking while one of you is busy reading a book/magazine doesn’t mean you are spending quality time together. Below are the ways to get started with your quality time.

3 ways to get your quality time started

  • finding a time when the both of you are free
  • setting the mood
  • patience

it is important to note that spending quality time with your partner or anybody at all involves patience and sacrifice. Nowadays we are all in a hurry and extremely impatient, spending time with your partner doesn’t have to be expensive. For example you can off the television and focus on one thing, ie your partner without been distracted.

Tips for spending quality time with your partner.

  • Maintain eye contact when your partner is talking,it helps to keep your mind from wandering.
  • Listen and don’t be busy doing other things at the same time {like reading, watching TV, operating your cell phone etc.}
  • Don’t interrupt; I know how difficult it is not to interrupt. Please allow your partner to finish before you start talking.
  • Don’t give advice unless you are asked to.
  • Don’t judge your partner immediately or stop him/her half way to correct them,especially when you stop your partner just to correct his/her grammatical errors.

The same thing also applies if you are going on a date with your partner. Don’t choose a noisy place. Quality time is all about having fun together. I know from experience how hard it is for a human being to sit at one place and concentrate on one thing but this is a sacrifice you must be willing to do in other to have a successful relationship. Be patient with your partner, nobody is  perfect. If you can take your time to sit down with your partner and talk intimately then you are really committed to the relationship.Don’t forget that nothing kills a relationship faster than lack of communication.


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