What is single-hood

Single hood is the state or set of people who are single so therefore single means to be un attached or not being in a romantic relationship. Everyone wants to be loved and taken care of and that’s why some people enter into a relationship I’m one of those people who believe in happily ever after with my prince charming and beautiful kids in a bungalow and a little garden by the side. But for sometime I have been single and believe me it’s worth it.
It’s unfortunate when I see your young man who enter into the wrong relationships out of depression because they feel lonely. In some cultures being single is seen as a sin so every young person and even old ones especially the women are rushing into relationship. Relationship doesn’t define you but it’s important if you single and not searching like I am you must learn to love yourself first of all .

Single isn’t a status it’s a word that describes a person who is strong enough to live their life without depending on others.

Is being single a blessing?

Being single can be a blessing. it can enable you to live your life without hurting someone you care about. You can achieve anything you want, there wouldn’t be any distractions. for example you can move to another country or another state for work without worrying whether your partner will support it or not. Your possibilities are endless now lets look briefly at what you benefit from been single.

Benefits of being single

  • you will get to know your self better and get more “me time”.
  • you have enough time to spend with your friends and family.
  •  you save more money since you no longer spend on your partner.
  • you get to meet really amazing people and go on more dates without feeling like you are cheating.
  • more traveling and fun.
  • you don’t have to pretend to like their friends any longer
  •  no need to be the one who has to sacrifice all the time.
  • no headaches from constant argument.
  • no more getting unnecessarily jealousy over every you see him/her with
  • less house chores for you-been able to be selfish without feeling bad.

Being single is so much fun am actually having fun writing and I think I might just stay single for a little while.

Is being single a curse?

I would say yes and no to this question. There is a huge difference between deciding to be single and no man has ever asked you out ever or any lady has accepted to go on a date with you. Now that’s the problem so you need help and that’s where we can say that being single can become a curse. so you need to check your life and even ask close people around to know if you are the reason why you are still single. Now let’s see the bad side of being single.

Disadvantage of being single

  • you can lose your self confidence.
  • it can cause depression.
  • it can shorten one’s life.
  • it can be really lonely..

No matter how much we pretend not to want a relationship we know we are only fooling ourselves cause we are created to be attached to someone. Remember that it’s your choice to be single or not. And don’t enter a relationship because you are bored or lonely but because you want to.

©Nancy Desire Nwankwo and Nancydesire.com 2014.


  1. Reasons you gave for the advantages and disadvantages of being single are quite good. But right now, I won’t prefer to stay single, because it’s really frustrating. Life is so much better when you have some one really close you can share your happy and sad moments with. When you’re single, it’s just you and your thoughts. Nice writeup by the way!

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