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Why love alone cannot sustain a relationship

Relationship is not a bed of roses and just like everything else in this world needs effort to make it work. One of the biggest mistakes people make is assuming me...

15 Signs you are in a toxic relationship

Many people are in toxic relationships in today’s world without even realizing it. Being in a toxic relationship is so hard and can be hell on earth. In this article I...
#BbnNaija2018; How to handle Toxic people around you

#BbnNaija2018; 5 Ways to handle Toxic people around you

Can toxic people be handled? Big brother Naija is officially over and miracle won. And we cannot deny the drama that came with it; we expected some and some shocked us. Before...
The importance of the honeymoon phase in a relationship

The importance of the honeymoon phase in every relationship

The beginning of a relationship is always smooth, nice and amazing you cannot keep your hands off each other literally; you want to spend every waking moment together. That is called...
Pros and cons being in a relationship

The pros and cons of being in a relationship

Relationship is something everyone wants to be in, or almost everyone. It is sweet and amazing and fun(for some people anyway). It isn’t easy to be in a relationship, many who...

The importance of prayer in every relationship

Is it important to pray for your relationship It is said that a family that prays together stays together. I cannot over emphasize the importance of prayer in a relationship. Every religion...

12 Things you do or say that makes your man feel emasculated

Relationship is between two people who are willing to come together and make it work. Sometimes things get heated in relationship and we hurt the other person or make them feel...
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