I was recently going through my contacts whatsapp status I saw things like “This is Nigeria by falz is dope.” There was a lot of noise about it , I even saw a snippet of the video on one of the status update and it spiked my interest;I decided to check it out. I went on YouTube; typed in the keyword the video came up, #1 trending video.
I was amazed at his courage for posting such video, I had to re-watch it , I loved it and felt happy that he was doing something different. I am one of those people who watch videos online and read comments at the same time. The comments were nice, one comment pointed out that he took the idea from childish Gambino’s This is America. So, I searched for it. I watched it with keen interest, it blew me away. Its message was strong everything was in sync, The choreography, camera movements, the singing everything was wow, well planned and organized. I then went back to take a third look at falz’s this is Nigeria and my heart broke. It was mediocre.

Below I will list for you 5 wrong things I noticed in falz’s this is Nigeria music video.
The hype around the song is great and I am touched by his bravery but it could have been better.

  •  The video was rushed: if you watched the video carefully, you would notice that it was not organized at all. The camera movements and angles were terrible.
  • The choreograph was horrible, it was not organized, it is okay but could have been better.
  • The beginning was nice but the tempo of the video dropped. I wished he had used a lot of symbols to showcase some things in the video. The lyrics were too obvious for me, I wish he had taken time to organize the lyrics, the arrangement of actions was not taken into consideration, this maybe the fault of the director or editor.
  • The transition between scenes were roughly done, no smooth transition, it felt like like a video that was shot in 3 minutes.
  • The video lacked aesthetic appeal, from the setting to the costumes. it was too dull.
  • The setting is not eye-catching, the actions happening in the background were incoherent. It felt like the director didn’t do his work.

The main problem with this music video is that some things should have been removed and refined. Falz could have done better with this.

I applaud his courage but he could have taken his sweet time. I hate it when Nigerians are referred to as mediocre. He could have still passed on his message without really spelling everything out, Anyway that is my opinion.
Have you watched the video? If you have,what did you noticed? Should it have been better? Leave a comment below.

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