Who is a fat{big}girl

Believe it or not there are men who love and adore fat girls. so if you are not one of them This article is not for you. Who is a fat girl. this is a definition everyone knows already; it’s been sung like a song everyday on television, radio, magazines and all sorts. In my definition a fat girl is someone who has more flesh than others. I usually call them big girls. But in this context I refer to them as fat so that only men who like fat girls or big girls will read this article. But before that let me tell you something you will like about them. they like to cuddle a lot, they laugh a lot so there will ready laugh at some of your jokes, they love to eat good food.

Remember that no one is perfect although fat girls are really nice and caring but at the same time they can drive you crazy. due to their insecurity so you better prepare your mind if you are going to date a big girl or get ready to adjust if you are already dating someone like this .

So am going to list things you shouldn’t do when dating a big girl.

Remember that this article is for men who love big women.

What not to do when dating a fat{big} girl

  1. Do not look at another woman when on a date with her:
    I know how much men like to look. but a big girl has low self-esteem, so when you are out with you are out with your girl please stop looking at other women this makes her feel irrelevant especially when
    you are busy eye fucking a slim hot girl. and she will definitely react so please can you stop especially when you are out with her.
  2. Do not remind her of how fat she looks she already knows: am serious about this please don`t tell her she is fat she is not blind,she sees her self in the mirror everyday she doesn’t need a reminder especially from you.
  3.     Don’t fat shame her. big girls have fragile hearts, so don’t humiliate her. if you don’t want to date her leave her the heck alone instead of hurting her feelings.
  4.     Don’t make her do what makes her uncomfortable: For example don’t make her wear a bikini ,short gowns or things that overly expose her body. this will definitely make her feel very uncomfortable.
  5.         Don’t tell her how badly she needs to lose weight: Am not saying that you should not help her lose weight but you must do it with love{this will be discussed in my next article}.                                       All the above can help you grow a good relationship with your partner. it’s really hard been overweight but it is better that you don’t come into her life than you hurt her feelings.

I know she never takes your compliment
and says you are lying to her.and this is all
because she has low self-esteem.
Before you can date a big girl you must

  •    love her
  • accept her
  • and -be patience
  • you have to hold her hand in public, treat her nicely, let her know that you are not ashamed of her.                                                       And if you can look past her fatness you will see the beautiful soul within.

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  1. First of all, I must commend you for this article. Talking about fat girls or ladies rather, I personally don’t see anything wrong with them at all. In life we all have our own choices but to be sincere with you, am on the fat side because I don’t do too well with slim girls.

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